You Feel Lost, Confused, Anxious, Depressed, and Stuck in This Place.  

You are an ambitious professional finally pursuing your dream career and fulfilling your life aspirations.  You have everything you ever thought you would need to be happy and successful, but instead, you feel stuck, lost, stressed, and unhappy.  You keep waking up each morning hoping you'll feel better and more productive, yet you're left feeling confused about why you don't.   Maybe you're feeling depressed or anxious. Maybe you're lacking self-worth, feel like an imposter, or are even experiencing panic.  Whatever it is, you are completely overwhelmed and feel like you barely get by each day.

You Feel All Alone

It seems like everyone else has it all figured out but you, and this leaves you feeling isolated and lonely.  Your family wouldn't understand, they never do, and you cannot go to them for help.  You have supportive friends, but they all seem confident and like they're doing better than you.  You don't want to burden them and potentially lose their friendship by bringing up your problems.  You feel like you must wear a mask everywhere you go just to fit in, and you fear being "found out."  It's possible that no one actually knows your true self—maybe even you.

You Have No Idea Where to Go From Here

You have likely tried many things to get yourself to feel better, but nothing seems to work.  You have no idea where to go from here to feel better.  Even worse, you feel like you are spiraling, and you're scared of where it could go if things don't get better.  You feel like you are already underperforming, overwhelmed, and at times paralyzed to act.  What might happen if things get worse? You fear it could affect your job and your relationships more than it already has.

You've been hopeful that things would get better for a long time now, but it's becoming clear that no matter what you do you are still stuck in this place. You have no idea where to go from here, you are exhausted, and you need some help to get out of this rut.

Hi, My Name is Corinne (kuh-rin) (she/her)

I help ambitious professionals in their 20s and 30s find relief, direction, purpose, strength, and happiness and help them feel more in control of their life. I want to help you uncover all the ways you are being held back from being happier and more successful in your life and career.  Leaving behind all the fears, "shoulds," shame, and guilt and help you understand, connect, accept, and fully align with your full self.  Once you do, you will be better able to brave your challenging career, feel ready to take on more risks, be a better and more creative person, and engage in life from a place of joy. 

You and I will work together to discover the core reasons behind your current issues.  This work can often mean delving into your past and uncovering unhealthy patterns or creating awareness of how things from the past continue to affect you today. Ultimately, our work will focus on helping you find actionable steps and strategies to find relief and discover ways to start thriving in the present. We will work on stepping away from fear and the influences that keep you stuck in place, and our deep work will help rebuild a stronger foundation in your life that will create long-lasting effects on your future.

What is Therapy with Me Like?

Working with me, you will find that I am a regular person who is compassionate, calm, open-minded, honest, and easy to talk with.  I am actively engaged in the therapy room, asking questions and providing feedback during our sessions. I balance being supportive with also challenging my clients in ways that help them grow. With all of my work and life experience, I feel incredibly comfortable talking about even the most difficult, uncomfortable, and painful topics. When you are ready, I will be here to hold space for these conversations and help you find resolution or release

Corinne is a Therapist in Los Angeles (Los Feliz), Providing Psychotherapy for Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Grief, and Imposter Syndrome.

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Helping Individuals To Over Come:


  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Fear or Panic
  • Feeling Down or Depression
  • Imposter Syndrome or Low Self-Worth
  • Trauma
  • Grief or Loss


Who Do I Work With?

I enjoy working with individuals of all gender identities and sexual orientations who are over the age of 18. I am trained in many modalities and work with a variety of issues and populations, but specific populations I work well with include:

Therapy for Men

As a man, if you are looking for therapy, you might be in a place where you are trying to keep up a presentable exterior, but you feel uncertain of how long you can keep this up when you feel so off. You might not even fully understand why you feel like this; you just know that you are unhappy, overwhelmed, and not yourself. You don't have many people to turn to or who you feel comfortable talking with in your life, and you have no idea where to go from here. Therapy can help you figure out what is going on inside and discover how to feel like yourself again. Men's mental health issues are often misunderstood, ignored, or untreated, but you don't have to continue feeling like this. Therapy can help you understand why you feel the way you do and come up with concrete strategies to get you out.

Therapy for Women & Women's Sexuality

You are working your hardest to be successful in life and in your career, but perhaps you find it nearly impossible to make it all work, navigate conflicts or difficulties at work and in life, and not feel overwhelmed by all the time slipping away. You feel like you are not keeping up with those around you. You see others looking more confident, more successful, and happier and don’t know what they’re doing differently. Therapy can help you feel empowered to take on conflict and find your voice. Therapy can also help you connect more with your sexuality and the strength that comes from fully embracing all aspects of yourself, making you feel stronger, enhancing your connection to yourself and your body, and enhancing your sexual experiences.

Therapy for Therapists

You got into the field of therapy because you wanted to help people, but also because you yourself experienced pain/suffering in your past which has helped you be more understanding and empathetic. These past experiences can be a strength, but they can also make it hard to be a therapist if you are not fully healed. On top of this, what we do on a daily basis is very emotionally challenging. This can lead to burnout, losing your passion for helping others, and even depression. Therapy specifically for therapists can help you fully heal from your own “baggage” and help with the emotional toll it takes to be a therapist. Best of all, working on yourself in therapy will also enable you to work better with your own clients.  Services for Therapists

Therapy for Individuals with ADHD

You wish you could complete more tasks, be better at “adulting,” be more motivated, stick to a schedule, and stop blowing big opportunities. You might also feel like you will be “found out” at any moment and judged by others who will think you’re lazy, you don't care, or that you are not smart enough or good enough. Research has shown that people with ADHD have a high correlation with anxiety, depression, and lack of self-worth. Therapy can help you better understand your ADHD brain, help you work more in line with how your brain works instead of going against it, and help relieve anxiety and depression.

Therapy for Comedians & Creatives

You are pursuing success in your creative career while often battling anxiety, depression, self-doubt, and the industry itself. This occupation allows you to think outside of the box and makes you look inward for creativity and content, but when you are struggling inside, it often impedes your progress and self-expression. You know you could be more successful and that you should be putting yourself out there more often, but something is holding you back from your full potential. Therapy can help you understand what is keeping you stuck and help you feel ready to take on this career with more vigor than ever before.

Therapy for Millennials & Gen Zs

Your 20s and 30s can be an exciting time, but also a challenging one. You have so many big life decisions to make and often fear you making the wrong choice.
You carry so much anxiety, feeling like you are not getting enough done, you are not successful enough, and you are not happy enough. Everyone else looks like they are thriving while you are stuck in self-doubt, often paralyzed to act. Therapy can help you find a way out of these feelings and allow you to reach a place where you are more aligned with your self-purpose, feel stronger, and experience more joy.

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