Services For Other Therapists


Below you will be able to explore the services I currently provide for other therapists. Please look through and Reach Out if you have questions.

Individual Therapy for Therapists

I love providing therapy to other therapists. Some therapists get intimidated by this type of dynamic, but I find it both challenging and rewarding. Many therapists have good insight into their own lives and have the ability to be introspective. I love collaborating and providing my outside perspective to help them better understand themselves and how they interact in the world.

Individual Professional Consultation

I provide one-on-one professional consultation for clinicians in a safe, non-judgmental focusing on the particular needs of a therapist. Clinical consultation helping Case Conceptualization, Using Therapy Interventions, Countertransference, Setting Boundaries, Ethical Issues, and more.

I also have experience with providing consultation for therapists who are "wounded healers," who are experiencing secondary exposure or vicarious trauma to treating clients with trauma, for therapists who have been harmed by a client, and for therapists who are under investigation by a licensing board.

Peer Consultation Groups

I facilitate multiple Peer Consultation Groups for clinicians. Groups discuss how to approach complex cases, ethical dilemmas, countertransference, therapy interventions, and navigating the challenges of the career. Consultation groups are a helpful way to improve therapists' therapeutic effectiveness, provide clinical assistance, and counter isolation and burnout.

Workshops and Webinars

Presenting on a range of topics from anxiety, depression, ADHD, burnout, professional challenges, creating a professional will, marking in private practice, and more.



Clinical Supervision for  Prelicensed Therapists

Individual, triad, and group supervision for associates working towards a full license in California.